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To change your password

Go to My membership and Sign in​. If you/your device don't remember the password then order a new and log in with the password you received to your email.  To change to a password of your own you need to be signed in and in 'My Membership'. There in sheet 'About'...

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Halloween with the Girls in Town WhatsApp group

For the Halloween celebration, do look out in the "Girls in Town" WhatsApp group for a spontaneous outing that will be suggested by its members.  Don’t forget to register beforehand to the Group by sending a WhatsApp message to the administrator, Helena Lustenberger...

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New Mums and Toddlers Group

What if you are new to your city and haven’t made any new friends yet?  What if you don’t live near family? Being a new parent is certainly rewarding but it can be challenging at times and it is always good to have a group where you can learn from other parents,...

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