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My favorite Netflix & Sofa evenings

1. Bridgerton: I know, nothing original, several historical slips but let’s face it… who has managed not to watch all the episodes in one breath? Waiting eagerly for the second season.
2. Emily in Paris: light, sunny, witty and above all – for those like me who loved Sex & The City – a wonderful revival of totally original style, dresses, bags and outfits.
3. Virgin River & Sweet Magnolias: Two series that I love, love, love. Virgin River is about how we can rebuild a life even when we least expect it. The best part about Sweet Magnolias for me is the importance of having good girl friends with whom to laugh at everything.
4. Rose Island: a true story I did not know. I loved the protagonist, a dreamer who doesn’t give up and I also learned where the Esperanto language started.
5. SanPa: Sins of the Savior: when heroin destroyed a generation and how one man fought it. Controversial and tough, with many opportunities for reflection.
6. Home Again: an old movie from 2017, but so funny that I gladly saw it again.
7. Frankie and Grace: I watch it and I respect it and I love the crazy humor and two phenomenal actresses.
8. Death to 2020
Looking forward to hearing YOUR suggestions! Cristina

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