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NEW – Fit and Kicking Group!

The new Fit and Kicking book club Group will focus on non-fiction books which cover the latest scientific findings on health and wellbeing with the aim to improve quality of life and vitality.  The group will review one non-fiction book each month.  Topics will be wide ranging and will include any aspect of healthy living which we deem to be of interest such as stress reduction, gut & brain health, sleep and more.  The group will meet via zoom on the Second Tuesday of every month from 14:00 – 16:00.  The session will focus on a set of predefined questions with time allocated to discuss experiences and questions.

If you are interested, please contact the Interest Group Leaders Jan and Caroline, and register on the Club website prior to the meetings.

Disclaimer:  This group will not provide medical recommendations of any sort.  Each participant must decide what information or activities they would like to include in their life.  All medical conditions should be addressed with an authorized medical practitioner (Doctor).

Contact Details: 

Jan Frei at

Caroline G. Hoem at

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