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Girls in Town WhatsApp group

“Girls in Town” will embrace and encourage spontaneous outings suggested by members, such as a Ship Cruise, going for a drink or a stroll to the lake, watching a movie etc. The suggestion to be communicated can be as …. “it’s a nice evening and I’d love to have a drink and/or stroll by the lake… would anyone like to join me?” or “I’m planning to visit the Art Museum Kunsthaus Zug on June 23… would anyone like to join me?

When a member of the WhatsApp list has a suggestion for such an outing, they can send a message to the group recipients and inform them as to what the details of the outing suggestion are. From then on, whoever is interested in joining, can either turn up or communicate together with the member suggesting the outing if they want to go together.

These outings will operate only through the WhatsApp list of members and not through the Club platforms and Calendar. If time permits, it can only be requested to be posted on the Website ‘Happening Now’ section and the Web Editor will proceed to the posting.

If you are interested, send a WhatsApp with your full name to the Vice-President on 0792436439.

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