Zug International Women’s Club Interest Groups

Make & Create

Knit and Natter

Cooking Group


Knit and Natter

This is just the group for those interested in knitting and crochet. You will have fun, find encouragement, get professional advice, learn new ideas, and make new friends. People who wish to learn are always very welcome.

Cooking Group

It is very fascinating to learn and try recipes from the other group members’ home countries and then share the delicious food with them.  You can prepare anything from a main course, baking item or even a 3-course meal! The beauty of these groups is the flexibility – cook whatever you want.  No pressure on anybody or expectations – even a salad is fine. The idea is to get new recipe ideas and meet up once a month with people to share the food. If you get different nationalities in a group, it’s really nice if they prepare something from their own countries.

Gardening Group

Learn how to grow your own vegetables in an easy way on your balcony or terrace. You learn all about how to plan, sow, grow and harvest. The Group leader dedicated her terrace to growing her own vegetables and loves to share her passion, knowledge, and expertise with you. You do not need “green fingers” because this group is for everybody passionate about food, vegetables, and herbs from beginner to seasoned gardener! The Group meets twice a month, from February to November!

Book Clubs

Book Reading Daytime

Book Reading Evening

Book Reading Groups

All women wishing to participate in book reading and discussion are very welcome to join us!

We have a DAYTIME and EVENING Book Reading Groups meeting once a month and discussing the books agreed withing the Group in advance!

Business & Volunteering

Business Networking Group (BNG)

Accountability on Tuesdays

Connecting and Volunteering

Business Networking Group (BNG)

The group focuses on women who are interested in business topics, who are working, managing their company, intending to start up a new company, or are changing their working life. 

This group shares knowledge, experiences, information, ideas, and techniques. The program includes speeches, brainstorm sessions, workshops, and coaching sessions. This group meets once a month in the evening.

Accountability Tuesdays Group

Do you work alone in your business or at home and would like the support of virtual colleagues to keep you focused?  Then join our Accountability Tuesdays Group, twice a month via Zoom! This group is suitable for members who seek the accountability that comes from committing to a fixed time to get their work of preference done in a group setting. Members who work in an office environment on solitary tasks are also welcomed to join.

Connecting & Volunteering

Keen to help shape the society you live in? Looking for an opportunity to connect and integrate with the community around you? Then contact us and we will support you in finding ways for you to volunteer within local organizations. Together you can explore which opportunities can be realized depending on personal skills and talents as well as language abilities. Enrich your life and that of others by volunteering!

Conversation Groups

English Intermediate 

Beginning Italian

Italian Conversation

German Intermediate Conversation

English Intermediate Group

Members of this group discuss a topic through questions in a friendly atmosphere. Through our discussion we distinguish strong points and difficulties in the language and at the end of the lesson, important notes and grammar are analyzed. This intermediate group is led by a native speaker and certified English teacher. The Group meets on a weekly basis virtually via Skype.

Beginning Italian & Italian Conversation Groups

If you are a fan of Italy’s food, wine, fashion, and culture, here is your chance to learn the nuances of its beautiful “singing” language. Our Group Leaders are native Italian speakers and are looking forward to welcoming new ladies!

Are you new to the Italian language or not so confident? During the first part we will have a beginner’s basic conversation. However, if you want to keep on learning and your conversation skills are a bit more advanced, then continue by joining the more advanced group in the second part of the conversation. The Groups meet twice a month and each conversation lasts for 1 hour.

German Intermediate

This is an intermediate to advanced German conversation group led by a German native speaker and teacher. This group is for those of you who have mastered the basics of the German language and now want to practice conversation. Members of this group must have mastered more than the basics of the language, they should be at least at level B1, however all are welcome to come and try it out. The Group meets twice a month!

Out & About / Fun

Spotlight Events

Last minute outings

Bar & Lounge

Lunch Kino

Monthly Dinner Club

Monthly Lunch Club

Italian Wine Tasting

Spotlight Events

Spotlight Events are member organized experiences created for other members. Exhibitions, movies, concerts, sightseeing, day trips and business presentations are examples of what a Spotlight Event may be. Ski trips, wine tasting, cooking lessons, direct sales parties, the possibilities are endless!

Last Minute Outings WhatsApp Group

If you are interested in receiving spontaneous invitations to various events, please join this group which communicates only by WhatsApp.

Bar & Lounge

Join us for an Apero after work or after a long day at home! Meet up with other fellow members, talk about your day, share your experiences and stories! The group meets monthly after working hours in attractive Bars in the central area of Zug!

Lunch Kino WhatsApp Group

Are you interested in movies, but your partner is not a movie person? Are you looking for friends with whom you share your passion for movies? Join this group! We meet from October to April at the Seehof cinema in Zug every second Wednesday at 12:15. From 11:30 it is possible to enjoy a light lunch at the cinema. 

Monthly Lunch & Dinner Clubs

The Monthly Lunches and Dinners are hosted by our members in the wonderful restaurants available in all areas of Zug. Get to know your fellow Club members in an enjoyable and social environment over a wonderful dish at lunch or dinner! You get the opportunity to visit many different places that you were not aware of, meet as many interesting new ladies as possible and have new chapters unfold with lifetime friendships ahead!

Italian Wine Tasting

Are you a fan of wine? Do not miss this opportunity!

Join this group for a tasting tour through Italian wines with the Group leader being a certified Sommelier.

Fitness & Health


Fitness Hiking

Social Walk


Badminton is a great way to have some exercise and fun at the same time!

The badminton group plays every Tuesday morning. New members are always welcome! Some previous experience is recommended but not required. The Group meets on a weekly basis! 

Fitness Hiking

This is a sport fitness hiking group. The group walks with a speedy pace in the mountains around Zug. Please show up FIT for the hike. Every session will take around 2 hours and the Group meets on a weekly basis!

Social Walk

A social walk for members who enjoy walking at a leisurely pace. The walk is on a weekly basis for approximately 7km/90 minutes (plus a coffee stop!). It is a great way to make new friends and exercise at the same time!

NEW Last-Minute Tennis WhatsApp Group – beginning in February!

Do you love playing tennis? Do you have difficulty in finding a co-player? Would you like to be spontaneously invited to play? Well, welcome to the New Last-Minute Tennis What’s Up Group which will begin its activities in February!

Initially, the group leader will be monitoring the invitations/postings within the group but at a later stage any member can propose and organize singles or doubles games and will be responsible for arranging all the details ie. reserving the court and stating if it is for a single or a double game. The group members must be intermediate and/or high-level players (not beginners) who will enjoy practicing their beloved sport and at the same time making new friends within the Club community!

This group will communicate only by WhatsApp, so if you are interested in being part of it, please contact us!

Future Proposed Groups

Cinema and Theatre

Sewing and Dressmaking

German beginners’ conversation