Zug International Women’s Club Interest Groups

Make & Create

Knit and Natter

This is just the group for those interested in knitting and crochet. You will have fun, find encouragement, get professional advice, learn new ideas, and make new friends.

People wishing to learn are very welcome.

Cooking Group

Are you a FOODIE and have a passion for cooking but would like to be
inspired and hone your skills?

 We are a multi-national group of enthusiastic cooks:  some amateur,
some professional, but yearning to to learn new
 recipes and skills with other like-minded ladies.

 We rotate in each member’s home, usually on the first Tuesday of the
month (pending holidays) from 9:30-13:30.
 The hostess decides how many members she can accommodate:  typically
4-6 depending on the size of the kitchen.  Places are allocated by
whoever first responds on the WhatsApp group.  The hostess plans a
simple or complex meal, provides the recipes:  one dish or several
dishes: for meat eaters or vegan in a fun exchange of skills and
abilities for a hands-on cooked meal to sit down and enjoy together.

 If this speaks to your heart, please consider joining the ZIWC
cooking group by contacting Donna Byron Sequeira at

Urban Gardening Group

Grow your own vegetables!!

Learn how to grow your own vegetables in an easy way on your balcony or terrace. 

You learn all about how to plan, sow, grow and harvest.

Émely calls herself a foodie by birth, having  grown up in her mom’s kitchen and garden.

Her two biggest passions are cooking and gardening, as in growing her own herbs and vegetables. Since her recovery from cancer, she dedicated her terrace to growing her own vegetables and loves to share her passion, knowledge, and expertise with you. 

You do not need ‘green fingers’ because this group is for everybody passionate about food, vegetables, and herbs, from beginners to seasoned gardeners. 

The vegetable gardening group still has spots for vegetable-loving ladies who’d like to (start) growing their own produce on their balcony, terrace or in the garden.

We meet the last Tuesday of the month, we communicate per WhatsApp group and if you want to join please send Émely Steegstra a message. 


Book Clubs

Morning Group

All women wishing to participate in book reading and discussion are very welcome to join us!

Book Club – Walk the talk!

Philosophy for a good life

“…. don’t tell me that you have read books – show me what you have learned by thinking better…..” Epictetus (c. 50 – c. 135 AD)
Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge and existence. This group focuses on non-fiction books which cover the latest scientific findings on health and wellbeing. Also books that have descriptions on life experiences that can give us ideas for a good life can be the book of the month.  Topics will be wide ranging and will include any aspect of healthy living which we deem to be of interest such as stress reduction, attitudes, problem solving, communication, gut & brain health, sleep and more. The group meets in person once per month on a Thursday mornings from 09:30-11:30.
Disclaimer: This group will not provide medical or psychological recommendations of any sort. Each participant must decide what information or activities they would like to include in their life. All medical conditions should be addressed with doctor or other authorized medical practitioner.
Group lead: Caroline G. Hoem.

Contact Caroline to be added to the WatsApp group. 



Business Networking Group (BNG)


This group is for members who are interested in the world of business, innovation and enterprise, whether you are working at present or not.  

If you are running your own business, employed, taking a career break or re-engineering your working life, we plan that the Group will provide opportunities to share knowledge, experience, skills, ideas and inspiration provided by sister members or invited  guests…

and of course on occasions we just kick back for end-of-day drinks with women who share these interests!


For further information please contact Ailbhe Fallon at BNG@ziwc.ch

Conversation Groups

English Intermediate

Members of this group discuss a topic through questions in a friendly atmosphere. Through our discussion we distinguish strong points and difficulties in the language and at the end of the lesson, important notes and grammar are analyzed. This is an intermediate group, to join please contact Bridget Storrie or Alicia Ioannou.

German Conversation


Wir Deutsch und lernen gleichzeitig etwas über Schweizer Geschichte, Politik oder andere aktuelle oder kulturelle Themen.

If you have a relatively good (passive) understanding of German but are looking for an opportunity to practice the (active) speaking, this is a good opportunity to improve your conversation skills.

If you are interested contact the group leader Agnès Reicke

Meeting details: Jeweils am Mittwoch von 9 bis 10 Uhr.

Italian Conversation

Intermediate/Advanced Group

If you are a fan of Italy’s food, wine, fashion, and culture, here is your chance to learn the nuances of its beautiful “singing” language. Cristina is a native Italian speaker and looking forward to welcoming new ladies!

With intermediate or more advanced conversations skills you are warmly invited to join?

Meeting details: Thursdays 16.00 – 17.00, for details check the Club calendar or contact Cristina Rocco


Out & About / Fun

Spotlight Events

Spotlight Events are member-organised experiences created for other members. Exhibitions, movies, concerts, sightseeing, day trips and business presentations are examples of what a Spotlight Event may be. Ski trips, wine tasting, cooking lessons, direct sales parties, the possibilities are endless! Please get involved and think about organising an event. For additional guidelines you can find more information on the Club Website or contact interestgroups@ziwc.ch

Last Minute Outings WhatsApp Group

If you are interested in receiving spontaneous invitations to various outings, as proposed by Valerie Gitter-Goldschmidt, please join this group by texting her. This group communicates only by WhatsApp and only reply if you are willing to join the outing!

Girls in Town WhatsApp Group

“Girls in Town” will embrace and encourage spontaneous outings suggested by any member, such as a Ship Cruise, going for a drink or a stroll to the lake, watching a movie etc. The suggestion to be communicated can be as “It’s a nice evening and I’d love to have a drink and/or stroll by the lake, would anyone like to join me?” or “I’m planning to visit the Art Museum Kunsthaus Zug on June 23, would anyone like to join me?”

When a member of the WhatsApp list has a suggestion for such an outing, they can send a message to the group recipients and inform them as to what the details of the outing suggestion are. From then on, only whoever is interested in joining, can either turn up or communicate together with the member suggesting the outing if they want to go together.

These outings will operate only through the WhatsApp, to be added to the group please contact Helena Lustenberger per WhatsApp giving your full name and mobile number. 

Bar & Lounge

Join us for an apéro after work or a long day. Meet up with other members and share your stories. The Bar & Lounge Group meets on a Tuesday once a month and is welcoming everyone for a relaxing drink and chat after work.

Monthly Lunch & Dinner Clubs

The Monthly Lunches and Dinners are hosted by our members in the wonderful restaurants available in all areas of Zug. Get to know your fellow Club members in an enjoyable and social environment over a wonderful dish at lunch or dinner! You get the opportunity to visit many different places that you were not aware of, meet as many interesting new ladies as possible and have new chapters unfold with lifetime friendships ahead! Only online registrations are accepted so check the online calendar. 

Italian Wine Tasting

Are you a fan of wine? Don’t miss this opportunity!

Join this group for a tasting tour through Italian wines. Group leader Lorella is a certified Sommelier.

Membership in this group is limited, but please contact Lorella Benedetto for space availability and meeting details.

Tapas & Friends

Hablas español? Have you studied Spanish in college? Is your partner Mexican? Have you lived abroad in a Spanish speaking country? Have you learned this language while travelling in South America? Did you learn it online during the last years? Then this new interest group is for you! We will be meeting every 2-3 months to go out for tapas, cook a paella or Mexican food together, see a film in Spanish in the cinema, visit a Frida Kahlo art exposition or even go to a concert of a Latin singer when they are in Switzerland. We will exclusively speak Spanish during these outings and you will be able to learn new words and remember those that you haven’t used in a long time… This group will mainly meet in the evening, during weekdays.

If you are interested in being part of this group contact Valerie Gitter-Goldschmidt.

Arts and Cultural Events Group

Shefika Balaban Brandenberger, the leader of our Arts and Cultural events group.

Life is full of Art and Culture even if we sometimes do not see or recognise it. Especially here in Switzerland, we are very lucky to have the chance to recognise it through the gorgeous nature and wonderful landscapes with its colours, shapes and figures and also by visiting several Museums, Galleries and Cultural Events.

The Group will be visiting Museums, Galleries, Art Exhibitions, and when possible, attending some concerts. We can start from what Zug has to offer us and then continue in Luzern, Bern, Basel, Zürich and even further expand our Cultural-Social Art meetings in Italy, France and Austria!

If you are interested in being part of this group contact Shefika Balaban Brandenberger.


Fitness & Health


Badminton is a great way to have some exercise and fun at the same time! 

New members are always welcome, and some previous experience is recommended but not necessary! There will be a beginners and advanced group on separate courts as long as there are at least 2 players.

Meeting details: Weekly on Tuesday from 9-10 am, Sports Zentrum Zugerland. Contact Basia Uciechowska-Powell

Fitness Hiking

This is a sport fitness hiking group. The group walks with a speedy pace in the mountains around Zug. Please show up FIT for the hike. Every session will take around 2 hours. Please email Amy Egger if you would like to participate! 

Intermediate Walking/Hiking Group

The Intermediate Walking/Hiking Group will run walks of around 1.5 to 2.5 hours every Wednesday afternoon. There may be some hikes in the mountains, but they will be done at an intermediate pace, with short stops if necessary. The group members will take turns in choosing and leading a walk.

If you want to exercise and make new friends at the same time do join our new group! 

Social Walk

A weekly social walk for members who enjoy walking at a leisurely pace.   We walk on Monday afternoons at 13:30 for 7km/90 minutes (plus a coffee stop!).  It is a great way to make new friends!

Golfing Gals

The Golfing Gals are enthusiastic golfing ladies at every level who practice and play regularly. Nothing is strictly organised, we just group together as it fits. We share our tee times and practice times in our WhatsApp Group.

Meeting details: If you fancy joining, please send a WhatsApp to Émely Steegstra


Join our invigorating Zumba® Toning Class and experience the perfect blend of dance, strength training and uplifting music. Shed stress, boost bone health, and sculpt your body while grooving to latin and international beats. Embrace a fun-filled fitness journey with like-minded women, and let’s dance our way to better health and happiness together. 

Meeting details:  Every Monday at 5:30 pm at Gewerbestrasse 10 in Cham. Contact Chelle Pawlowski for more details.

Last-Minute Tennis WhatsApp Group!

Do you love playing tennis? Do you have difficulty in finding a co-player? Would you like to be spontaneously invited to play? Well, Adriana Schiraldi who comes from Argentina and loves playing tennis, would like to invite you to the New Last-Minute Tennis What’s Up Group which will begin its activities in February! 

Initially, Adriana will be monitoring the invitations/postings within the group but at a later stage any member can propose and organize singles or doubles games and will be responsible for arranging all the details ie. reserving the court and stating if it is for a single or a double game. The group members must be intermediate and/or high-level players (not beginners) who will enjoy practicing their beloved sport and at the same time making new friends within the Club community!

This group will communicate only by WhatsApp, so if you are interested in being part of it, please join by texting Adriana Schiraldi!

Zuger Trophy Walking and Running Group

Zugerberg Finanz Trophy – a clever and free way to get the people of the Canton of Zug moving. Walking, running or biking.

When: Between March 23rd and October 4th.
Where: There are 6 locations; Steinhausen, Baar, Ennetsee, Menzingen, Zug and Aegerital. Normally, the start of the location changes every 4 weeks, however, this year being an anniversary year, all the locations (except Menzingen) are open during the entire Zugerberg Trophy season.
Who: Anyone!!! It is open to anyone and everyone. Just make sure to include your favorite verein (ZIWC) when registering. Also note that it is also open to supporters. So register your family and get them out there with you.
How: Make sure you have registered and go to a starting point. Chose how you will record, either with the mobile app (you can scan the QR code at the starting point), use the stampcard (only at the offical location of the month), Strava (link your strava account), or enter your time manually on the website.
Prizes: There are prizes for participating. There is a really gorgeous Panorama photobook of Zug, cool socks, towels, sports bag, hoodie and more!!! And very importantly, each club ranked in the top 5 can win up to 500 CHF.
More information can be found on the Zugerberg Finanz Trophy website: https://www.zugerbergfinanz-trophy.ch/
Register and include Zug International Women’s Club (ZIWC) as your verein and let’s get some kilometres on the ranking list. 🏃‍♀️


Potential New Interest Groups

ZIWC members have requested additional activities be offered by the Club, and we are now looking for volunteers to share their expert knowledge for the enrichment and fun of fellow members. We are still looking for native speakers who would like to volunteer in leading any other than the existing language conversation groups at any level.

If any ZIWC member is willing to set up or lead any Interest Group, please contact Interest Groups Chairwoman at interestgroups@ziwc.ch.